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20 hours
Rs. 720
About This Course

One of the most popular and highly demanded SAP ERP Modules is the SAP HR HCM, also known as SAP HR. It plays a vital role in the management and monitoring of all the HR Operations like Time and General Administration processes, Payroll, Performance management, and Termination and Recruitment.

Considering the excellent features of the module and its benefits, the demands for the SAP HCM trained and certified candidates have tremendously increased as the companies are attracted and swathed towards the SAP HR ERP tool.



Why should you learn this?

  • If you are interested in the HR department and primarily SAP HR HCM Online Training
  • You should learn and gain this Certification as it is highly appreciated and in demand by most of the companies across, and you can readily get SAP HR HCM jobs.
  • It will give you a detailed understanding of Performance management, Admission Process, payroll program, etc.


What you will learn from the course

  • What is SAP HR?
  • SAP HR modules
  • Organization management
  • Personnel Administration
  • Time Management (TM)
  • Payroll
  • Travel Management


The course contains the following modules:


Organization management:

This sub-module of SAP HCM helps the organization to represent the schematic workflow of a current plan and its analysis. It also allows the creation of additional programs and improving workflow management.


Personnel Administration:

It is a crucial important sub-module of SAP systems as it records employee's essentials information. It helps in the various administrative tasks like employee recruitment, maintaining and tracking personnel information, travel expenses, salary accounting, etc.


Time Management (TM)

Time Management sub-module records the employee data of the timelines and schedules such as shifts, attendance, periodical evaluation, deadlines, etc.



SAP's Payroll module helps in the processing of the payment for the work done by the employees, which includes salaries, benefits, taxes, provident funds, and deductions, etc. SAP payroll module works with other modules like personnel administration, time management, organization management, financial accounting, and so on.


Training and Event Management:

Training and Event Management module helps with the planning and scheduling of training of the employees as per their individual needs. Its important functions are

  • Realizing the training needs
  • Scheduling the training process
  • Managing the costs


Travel Management

This SAP module helps in managing the records, costs incurred, and other information related to the official trips of the employees of an organization. The functions include every necessary information for managing a trip from meal allowance to receipt claims.

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