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Oracle PL SQL

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Oracle PL SQL

8 hours
Rs. 720
About This Course

About the course:

Oracle PL/SQL tutorial certification is a beginner to the intermediate class for both students and professionals. In this course, both beginners and intermediate users will gain in-depth knowledge about Oracle-based procedural language, databases, and structure query language. Oracle PL/SQL tutorial certification will also provide insights on the developer side of structure query language and the difference between SQL and PL/SQL.


What is Oracle PL/SQL?

Oracle PL/SQL stands for Procedural Language/Structured Query Language, which is an extension of basic SQL (structure query language). Oracle PL/SQL is a database-oriented programming language used for creation, query, update, and deletion of data sets in relational databases. Oracle PL/SQL extends the primary Structure Query Language and provides broader development tools to the Oracle PL/SQL developers.


What will you learn?

In this Oracle PL/SQL Tutorials and Certification, you will learn about Procedural and Non-Procedural Language, Structured Query Language, differences between Procedural Language and Non-Procedural Language. Data flow control statements such as Oracle PL/SQL for loop is also a large part of this Oracle PL/SQL tutorial and certification. Oracle PL/SQL developers will also learn about condition constants and variables, control statements, creating procedures, and composite data types. Error and exception handling are also an integral part of this Oracle PL/SQL tutorial certification for Oracle PL/SQL developers. After completion of this course, the students and professionals will be able to Oracle PL/SQL interview questions. 


In this course, you will study about:

  1. What is Oracle PL/SQL?
  2. Why use Oracle PL/SQL?
  3. Difference between Oracle PL/SQL and SQL.
  4. Creating, updating, and deleting data sets.
  5. Data sets query
  6. Oracle PL/SQL Constants and Variables
  7. Oracle PL/SQL Control Statement
  8. Oracle PL/SQL Procedures and Composite Data Types
  9. Oracle PL/SQL Exception handling
  10. Oracle PL/SQL interview questions

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